Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm really excited for the new micropayments service Flattr which I just registered for. It basically works on a voting system where you set a monthly allocation to pay, and your allocated money gets divided among the people you vote for. Anyone can sign up to get a Flattr button letting you vote for them. The catch is that in order to receive money via Flattr you must also have an account, which carries with it a monthly minimum contribution of 2 Euro (and currently a maximum of 20 Euro).

They're currently in beta, but I see this becoming a huge thing. It'll also be profitable for them--they currently take 10% of the revenues, and there are more than 5000 users already in the early public beta (judging based on my user ID). Once they go version 1.0 I see them growing exponentially.

Check it out at!