Sunday, June 14, 2009

Personal site versus fun site

Right now I'm waiting for my hosting with hostmonster to expire. I'm sharing an account with my friend Dokyun ( I want a separate plan for to make things a bit more convenient. Hostmonster is a pretty good host, I haven't had trouble with them and their rates are pretty good, so I'll most likely stick with them.

Anyway, I decided to register and put it on Google Sites for now. I somehow feel I don't even need anything beyond that for my personal site. Google Sites is really fast for just making pages, having a decent default look-and-feel, and linking pages together with a consistent template. And this blog is also hosted on blogger and accessible via

Maybe once I get more content I can worry about where to host everything. For now my plan is to have the more boring personal info and rambling type of blog associated with, and to put the fun stuff on Fun stuff includes programs, stories and shared content from other authors, and whatever else. Yeah... best to come up with content before spending too much time deciding how to split the content up between a personal site and a fun site.

In the end, I'm thinking that from the visitor's perspective, a site called "cocosoco" is simply catchier than a personal site named after its owner. That's one thing that becomes obvious to web users, that when content has your real name all over it, it's got to be sober and digestible so real life acquaintances won't be scared shitless and whatnot.

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