Monday, April 18, 2011

Glasses from

I just received my new glasses from It was $32.95 for one pair. It's a decent-looking frameless style, without any special add-ons like extra-thin lenses or anti-reflective coating. I got the standard Single Vision lens (as opposed to bifocals or progressive lenses), and the 1.57 Mid-Index lenses which were a free upgrade from the default 1.50. (The 1.57 lenses are a bit thinner and lighter.) The "extra strength" charge for astigmatism came out to $9. Shipping & Handling was $4.95.

So far they are great. When I first put them on I felt some dizziness as expected. The lenses were smaller than I am used to, so I seem to keep peeking past the lenses. But I'm quickly getting used to them, and for the first hour I have been extremely pleased with the value. Basically for a 2 week wait for the shipping, I got a 90% discount for a decent pair of glasses (that luckily fit me very well too).

Measuring the pupil distance (PD) was simple: get a friend to measure the distance between your pupils using a millimeter ruler, while you stare straight into the distance. My PD was 60 mm, which is pretty average.

Anyway, it feels great to finally get a new pair of glasses after years with my old pair. My left eye feels so good getting the boost it needs. I'm looking forward to not having headaches from having one weak lens.


  1. I’m a glasses wearer and I have been since I was 18 years old. Glasses are my favorite accessory hands down. I have been bought glasses from many retailers, and zenni are best.

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