Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gave away my baby

I just open sourced my past month's project, an Android app called "reddit is fun". The license is GPLv3. It's up on github now:

A month doesn't sound like a long time for a software project, but I spent quite a bit of time on it and it definitely felt like more than a month. Oh well. Now I gave it away, and I'm coming out of the project with much improved Android programming skills and a better understanding of the different open source licenses (Apache, GPL, MIT, BSD).

Now, time for school! And on the side, hopefully more fun programming projects for Android, PC, and whatever. Oh yeah, I'm signed up for a game development class this semester. Let's see if that helps me with any side projects.


  1. As a redditer I want to thank you for a brilliant app. I'm looking forward to your future apps


  2. Thanks for reddit is fun, I use it every day (using the dark theme) and have zero feature requests! Job well done!